Wisconsin Constituent Begs Paul Ryan For Help and He Does This Instead

“It’s happening in his own district,” Kim Mahoney said. “His claim that it is not a federal issue — it’s absurd and it’s chicken (expletive). I don’t know if that’s one or two words.”

Let’s just call a spade a spade, shall we? Speaker Paul Ryan is a Republican in name only, does not support the president’s agenda, and is beholden to big business interests.

This, unfortunately, is just another example of him choosing powerful corporate sponsors over the people of this country and his Wisconsin constituents. If this doesn’t make your blood boil, you might want to check your pulse.

Here’s the scoop per Journal Sentinel:

When it comes to the general idea of using eminent domain to seize someone’s private property in the name of economic development, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan hasn’t minced words.

He has called it an abuse of power and “wrong,” and twice has voted for bills — one of which he co-sponsored — to curb the practice.

But when it comes to the specific case of the Village of Mount Pleasant possibly using eminent domain to take homes away from people in the area where Foxconn Technology Group plans to build a $10 billion manufacturing complex, Ryan, who represents the village’s residents in Congress, doesn’t have much to say.

“Kim, I wish I could assist you in addressing this matter,” Ryan wrote in January to a constituent worried about losing her home to the Foxconn project through eminent domain. “Unfortunately, I am unable to provide you with the assistance you need, as this issue is one that falls under the primary jurisdiction of the State of Wisconsin, not the federal government.”

The Mount Pleasant resident seeking Ryan’s help was Kim Mahoney, who with her husband, James, owns a home at 10440 Prairie View Drive. The property is in a small subdivision on the 1,200-acre tract where Foxconn plans to build a factory that could employ thousands building flat-panel monitors.

 Mahoney said she called Ryan’s office in Washington and spoke with a staffer about the village’s potential use of eminent domain to acquire land for Foxconn. In response, the congressman on Jan. 5 sent a letter saying he could understand her frustration and concerns, but couldn’t help.

Asked by a reporter what Ryan thinks about the prospect of Mount Pleasant using eminent domain authority in a way that he previously has described as an abuse of government power, a spokesman for the House Speaker said by email:

“While the congressman continues to believe that Foxconn will bring a new era of manufacturing to the State of Wisconsin, he has not been involved in the local land acquisition process related to this project.”

Just like his old runnin’ buddy Mitt Romney, this guy isn’t a Republican. He’s not even a conservative! Let’s drain the swamp and get this sleaze out of Washington…

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