Why Is Mitch McConnell Protecting Sexual Abusers in Congress?

“Senator McConnell’s failure to do what House Leadership on both sides of the aisle accomplished, with the help of members ranging from an Alabama conservative to a Bay Area liberal, is a breach of the public’s trust,” Representative Jackie Speier said. “But we’re not going to be thwarted in our efforts to create a safe workplace environment for Capitol Hill employees. Senator McConnell should be ashamed, and I think it’s time for the women of Kentucky to have a #TimesUp moment at the polls.”

California Congresswoman Jackie Speier, one of many voices on both sides of the aisle advocating for sexual harassment victims in Congress, is not happy that the Senate just shelved an overhaul of how harassment complaints are reported and dealt with in the legislative branch.

And she’s pointing the finger directly at one person: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Here’s the scoop per the Sacramento Bee:

According to Speier, who represents a portion of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the Kentucky Republican is responsible for the fact that the Senate has still not acted to change Congress’ handling of sexual harassment. The House passed a bill to overhaul the legislative branch’s arcane system for handling workplace complaints in February, but it was left out of a massive spending bill that lawmakers passed Thursday. That so-called “omnibus” is widely believed to be the last major piece of legislation Congress will approve this year, which made it an attractive vehicle for a whole range of legislative proposals that are still awaiting a vote.

Speier suggested McConnell specifically wants to “weaken” a provision in the House’s sexual harassment proposal that would require members of Congress to pay for settlements of harassment complaints and other types of workplace discrimination out of their own pocket.

Currently, lawmakers can tap public funds – either through a Treasury fund or their own personal member account – to pay for these types of settlements or other damages. Revelations of those type of taxpayer-funded payments forced the resignation of veteran Democratic Congressman John Conyers and conservative Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold late last year.

Three congressional aides with knowledge of the spending negotiations from both chambers also said that McConnell resisted adding the sexual harassment provision to the bill over concerns about the payout language in the House proposal.

It’s ludicrous that Congress can use taxpayer funds to settle their sexual harassment claims. While regular Americans work hard and pay taxes, the Washington swamp monsters molest, harass, and do other perverted things… And then when a victim files suit, you and I foot the bill.

We are basically subsidizing the serial abuse of women (and men too, probably).

Why is Mitch McConnell protecting these perverts?

What does he himself have to hide?