This Beagle Saved His Owner’s Life by Dialing 911 — Check out this Unbelievable Story!

This heart-warming story just goes to show that our little furry friends are more than just lovable companions! They provide valuable services, help disabled adults live independently, and sometimes even save lives…

Here’s the scoop from Washington Post:

Belle Weaver is flying into the nation’s capital today to receive an award for saving a family member’s life. Before she leaves town, she’ll meet with her congressman, accept a certificate autographed by a football great and bow her head to receive a medal.

Stories such as hers, of heroism and quick thinking, are always inspiring. But this one has a twist, and not just because Belle is 3 years old.

You see, Belle Weaver is a beagle. She used her owner’s cellphone to call 911.

Here’s more from Mental Floss:

Kevin Weaver has diabetes. He also has a specially-trained beagle named Belle who can sense when his blood sugar levels are off. She licks his nose, and then paws at him to signal that he should take a reading. In the summer of 2006, Belle put another skill to work.

Weaver suffered a seizure and collapsed. Belle grabbed the man’s cell phone and bit down on the number 9, just like she had been trained. The number was programmed to dial 911, and emergency workers soon arrived.

Belle was later given the VITA Wireless Samaritan Award for those who use cell phones to save lives. Belle was the first dog to ever win the award.

Now, I’ve heard of dogs performing complicated tasks like detecting bombs, and even rescuing small children by alerting an adult of the situation. But, this is first time I’ve ever heard of man’s best friend having the wherewithal to actually call 911…

Just because someone has fur instead of bare skin, a snout instead of a nose, and a wagging tail where a rump should be, doesn’t mean that they don’t have a heart, a mind, or a soul. Is it any wonder that people, since time immemorial, have shared their homes and lives with our four-legged friends?

What do you think of little Belle Weaver’s quick action
that saved her Dad’s life?

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