STABLE GENIUS: Trump Just Threw Out the Playbook on North Korea

The 45th President of the United States can be brash, unconventional, and has never shied away from controversy. He was elected to shake things up, tear up the rules, and pull Washington up out of the swamps and deliver it back to the people.

With the appointment of John Bolton as his new national security advisor, Trump has telegraphed a major message to North Korea and the rest of our foreign adversaries: there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s tough as nails.

Check it out per the Daily Caller:

Incoming national security adviser John Bolton is poised to make policy and personnel changes at the highest levels of the National Security Council, officials familiar with Bolton’s thinking and Trump’s National Security Council tell The Daily Caller.

These officials tell TheDC Bolton has been charged by President Donald Trump to stop national security leaks from inside the administration and to change the current relationship between the NSC and the president. A representative for Bolton declined to comment.

“Bolton understands that the NSC’s job is to implement the president’s policy, not to influence policy,” a former Trump NSC official told TheDC.

The official added that outgoing NSA H.R. McMaster would tell staffers before any decision was formulated that “our solutions would start with our values,” but added that “Bolton will throw all that crap out” by focusing on a threat and all available solutions.

The former official said he believes Bolton will “start at the top” of the NSC staff but warned that he won’t stop there if need be.

“He’s going to keep digging down lower levels until he’s certain the leaks have stopped.”

Sources also told Foreign Policy Friday that dozens of current NSC officials were likely to be fired, and that “everyone who was there during Obama years should start packing their shit.”

Both former officials however noted that Bolton is a “methodical, strategic thinker” who appreciates a staff with differing view points.

“Everybody has the wrong impression about John” a former official said, referring to the former United Nations Ambassador’s characterization as a warmonger.

The official further noted that Bolton was diplomatically successful in punishing North Korea while serving in his UN role.

John Bolton knows it’s necessary sometimes to use force against the foes of this great country. While no one wants a war with the hermit kingdom, it’s clear that Mr. Bolton will use whatever means necessary to prevent Kim Jong Un from further imperiling the United States and our allies.

What’s your take on Trump’s decision to
shake things up and try a new approach?