Runaway ‘Unicorn’ Just Left Highway Patrol in the Dust — TWICE!

When a pony dressed as a unicorn escaped from a children’s photo shoot, it caused quite a stir recently. And what’s more, she used her unicorn magic to thwart the California Highway Patrol not once, but twice in their efforts to corral her. Apparently, you just can’t keep a good unicorn down!

Check it out per Tree Hugger:

The California Highway Patrol spent hours trying to find the fugitive creature after it escaped from a fairy-tale photo shoot in Madera Ranchos.

The first time Juliette escaped from a children’s photo shoot in Madera Ranchos, California, she was quickly wrangled by her handler. But the second time she flew the coop, she hauled her fleet-of-foot magical self into the woods, leading police on a three-hour hunt. They became so desperate that they called in a helicopter and thermal imaging to find the unicorn, which was smartly hiding out in a (certainly) rainbow-dotted orchard.

And when we say “unicorn,” we mean a pony dressed as a unicorn. Yes, a pony in a unicorn costume… and can you blame her? Give a pony unicorn aspirations and clearly she wouldn’t want to suffer the indignity of a paddock and serving as a photo shoot prop – unicorns are meant to be frolicking in meadows in the moonlight, not servitude. And come to think if it, maybe ponies are meant for that as well?

Here’s more from the LA Times:

“Initially he thought it might be somebody out there on drugs, seeing things,” said CHP spokesman Josh McConnell. “It was a little unreal to hear calls of a unicorn running around on the roadway.”

Juliet’s owner, Fresno photographer Sandra Boos, managed to corral the 20-year-old pony in relatively short order. However, the CHP grew concerned when they received another call at 5:30 p.m.: Juliet was loose again and headed toward Avenue 12, a busy traffic corridor between State Route 99 and State Route 41.

This time, “it was a little more difficult to capture the pony-slash-unicorn,” McConnell said.

It took officers three and half hours to round up the pony, using a helicopter with thermal imaging to track down Juliet in an orchard. Then, they needed to use one of the pony’s friends, a horse, to help bring her out of hiding.

The horse whinnied to Juliet, who whinnied back and then ran to her friend, Boos said.

The California Highway Patrol has seen it all, folks. From rescuing errant unicorns, to dealing with people on drugs, and responding to wrecks and other catastrophes… there’s not a situation that these brave men and women haven’t faced!

We thank you for your service, your dedication, and your unicorn-wrangling!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on the highway?