Brave Retriever Saves Baby Fawn from Drowning — Check out the AMAZING VIDEO!

Call it a miracle or call it “animal instinct,” but either way, this is an amazing story of interspecies altruism. When an English golden retriever saw a fawn in the waters off Long Island, N.Y., he darted into the harbor to pull the young deer to shore.

Mark Freeley said that he and his four-legged best friend, Storm, were walking along the Long Island Sound when Storm spotted a deer in danger of drowning…

Check out this amazing story per USA Today:

The dog “plunged into the water and started swimming out to the fawn, grabbed it by the neck, and started swimming to shore,” said Freeley, who whipped out his camera to capture the moment.

“Good boy, Storm,” Freeley says in the video before the deer darts off, with Storm following close behind.

“Leave him, Storm! Storm! It’s OK,” Freeley says before the fawn lies down.

Storm then “started nudging (the deer), and started pulling it to make sure she was gonna be OK I guess,” Freeley told the station.

Freeley called experts to attend to the fawn. But when workers from the Strong Island Animal Rescue League arrived on the beach, the deer darted back into the water again.

The humans went for the rescue this time.

“I really didn’t have much of a choice,” Frank Floridia of the Rescue League told The New York Daily News. “If I didn’t go in the water, the deer would’ve died.”

Here’s more from New York Daily News:

Floridia came out of the water carrying the baby deer in his arms as his partner, Erica Kutzing, joined him. He said he blew out his knee during the rescue.

They took the deer to the Star Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Long Island that takes in rescued animals, where it was treated in stable condition.

Floridia said the deer was full of ticks and had cuts and bruises on its head. The animal will be released to its natural habitat after it recovers within a few months, he added.

This just goes to show that no matter what color, what culture, even what species we are, that love and bravery know no bounds! If the human world could take a page out of Storm’s playbook, we’d all be much better off!

Here’s the amazing video…

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bravery and compassion?