Mystery ‘BOOMS’ Across US Continue to Baffle Scientists — Here’s One Theory…

The phenomenon has been experienced personally by this writer. A bone-rattling, thunderous ‘boom’ that shakes the house and ground. In my case, the boom was followed by the distinct sound of loud sizzling like that of a firework’s aftermath, but much louder.

In 2017, 64 such booms were heard across the country, with most being unexplained. They have also been heard throughout Europe, India and the Far East.

Newsweek reports that recent incidents have occurred Alabama, California, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan and New Jersey.

The incident in Colorado, occurring on November 14 2017, left CBS Denvers’ meteorologist Chris Spears guessing that meteors from the Leonid meteor shower exploding in the sky were the culprit. That suggestion caused an astronomy expert, Ron Hranac, to respond that the Leonids were way too small to cause such loud noises.

The most recent event took place on February 8, again in Colorado and left residents a bit rattled.

Lawrence Brasier of Wheat Ridge, CO is quoted as saying, “I have heard them twice and it sounds like a car wreck and then another will sound like a dumpster (crashing to the ground) and then a couple of other people they said it sounded like an explosion like a house being blown up.”

Another resident, Joanna Akhbari , told a local news station, “At one time I thought I heard them on this road just right here on Upham just right outside. (I) came out and there was like nothing here. Nothing. I don’t know what they are. I want to know what they are.”

So do thousands of other witnesses.

What do you think has been causing the booms?

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