Frozen & Brought Back to Life? Michigan Man: “Yes, and Sooner Than You Think…”

The Dead can be brought back to life and, unlike the zombies from popular culture, these revenants would look better and younger than when they died, writes the Daily Mail.

That is the claim being made by Dennis Kowalski, 49, president of the Cryonics Institute in Michigan.

Cryonics, also known as cryogenics and cryopreservation, involves the freezing of a dead body or body parts in order to preserve them. Of utmost importance is the quickly preserving the body in order to limit damage to the brain.

The cryopreservation procedure begins with the body of the decedent being cooled in an ice bath. When it gets to an ideal preservation temperature, the blood is drained and replaced with a fluid similar to anti-freeze, so that crystals do not form in the circulatory system.

The body is then stored in a liquid nitrogen tank where it would await its awakening.

The entire process costs customers, of which Kowalski currently has 2,000, $28,000.

Mr. Kowalski has put his money where his mouth is by signing up and paying for his family to be frozen and later reanimated together. “The 49-year-old, his wife Maria and their three sons – Jacob, 19, Danny, 17, and James, 16 – are all down to be preserved in a vat of liquid nitrogen when they pass away,” reports the Daily Mail.

“Of course my sons are young so not thinking about it too much.

“But things happen in life and you never know.”

Even a preserved body, however, would need some repairs and alterations, says Kowalski. With advances in stem cell research, DNA storage and bio-synthetic tissues, Kowalski says that the first frozen human could be revived in 50 to 100 years.

And thanks to these advances, the physical appearance of the revenant could be made to look decades younger.

The Daily Mail writes that, “Mr. Kowalski says that in the future, if there is super advanced technology that can ‘reverse engineer nature,’ then there is no reason elderly people couldn’t be revived and brought back, possible even as their healthy, 20 year-old selves.”

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