Brooklyn Woman FREAKING OUT After Alexa’s “Bone Chilling” Behavior… This is CREEPY!

Amazon’s Alexa may developing a dark side thanks to its artificial intelligence. More and more reports are surfacing from Alexa users about creepy/sinister laughs Alexa is giving in response to commands and how she is at times belligerent.

The Daily Mail has recently compiled some of these stories. Almost all of them involve the Amazon Echo robot emitting “bone chillingly creepy” laughs when commanded to do something.

Alexa-enabled devices engage in verbal exchanges with a human via a “wake word”, either ‘Alexa’ or ‘Amazon’. Once activated, Alexa can answer millions of questions, can order groceries or products from Amazon, interact with Amazon-linked smart TVs, control lights in a house, regulate a home’s thermostat, provide news reports and can play music.

Alexa is programmed with many laugh sounds so it can respond to requests for samples of baby, witch or evil laughs.

Reports have been made that Alexa-enabled devices have been awoken by ambient noises in a room from TV, computers and radio programs.

This still does not make the experiences of users any less creepy.

The Daily Mail writes that, “One user reportedly tried to turn the lights off in their home but Alexa repeatedly turned the lights back on, eventually uttering an ‘evil laugh,’ according to BuzzFeed.”

A similar event occurred with another Echo Dot owner who asked Alexa to turn off their alarm clock in the morning and got a “’witch-like’ laugh.”

Other examples include, Brooklyn Twitter user @KatChow, who Tweeted, “So I just used my Alexa to set a two-minute timer while trying to do a plank………

……… and I asked how much time I had left and she LAUGHED”

She followed up her Tweet with a retweet to a buzzfeed article:

“Alexa is gonna destroy us all

Amazon has not responded officially to the occurrences.

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